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Welcome to Los Angeles Sex Therapy 

(LAST Collective) 

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We are a collective of psychotherapists and sexology wellness practitioners specializing in spreading the message of healthy & positive sexuality.

We provide trauma informed sex therapy, psychotherapy, somatic therapy, intimacy coaching, kink-informed therapy, non-monogamy & polyamory centered therapy, sex work affirming therapy, queer/lgbtqia++ centered therapy, couples therapy, coaching, psychedlelic integration, free gender health letters.



We are sex-positive, kink aware, LGBTQIA++, BIPOC, sex worker communities, and intersectionality affirming.

All you need is a Wifi connection. 

All Sessions are via HIPAA compliant video platform.

Los Angeles Sex Therapy provide psychotherapy, sex therapy, kink therapy, non-monogamy & polyamory centered therapy, sex work affirming therapy, queer/lgbtqia++ centered therapy,couples therapy, coaching, psychedlelic integration, free gender health letters.**

**Please note that some of our practitioners may have other specialties.

Please read their bios to find out more. 


Read through our site to learn more, or simply get in touch.

Learn more about our services including psychedelic integration, and benefits of coaching and therapy here.

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Moushumi Ghose, LMFT

Clinical Director 

Mou is licensed sex therapist, sex-positive advocate and creator of Los Angeles Sex Therapy (LAST Collective) as well as the Pleasure Psychology Sexology Training & Coaching Certification.

Her passion is around advocacy and change by breaking down barriers for better relationships and sex. Mou specializes in couples sex therapy that

is trauma informed with an emphasis on emotion focused and somatic work which integrates other modalities which are tailored to her clients needs. She has extensive experience both personal and professional with LGBTQIA, Kink, Ethical Consensual Non Monogamy (ENM/CNM), Polyamory, BIPOC. 


She is the author of several books, has appeared in the media and numerous publications. She is the creator of a documentary film series Temple and Brothels, undoing harmful messages around sex, and sexuality.


$250 - $300 per hour

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Kelly Jones, LMFT

Sex & Relationship Therapist  


Kelly graduated with her Masters degree from Phillips Graduate Institute in Los Angeles, and prior worked as an associate at The Relational Center. 


Kelly's work advocates personal, interpersonal, and social practices that inspire stronger, more resilient relationships. Her passion is working with clients around dismantling harmful tropes and navigating the waters in-between.

Kelly's work is social justice & trauma informed. She integrates somatic work, narrative work and uses other modalities that suiit her client's needs.

 Something that she sees on a regular basis is religious trauma around sexual orientation, relationship practices and gender identity. 

Kelly is looking forward to holding space for these explorations while providing a healing and safe space for you to nourish yourself, your surroundings and your connections.


$225- $275 per hour

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Melissa LeSane, LMFT

Sex & Relationship Therapist 

I have always had a passion for talking about sex, sexuality and relationships. Each has played a significant role in my personal and relational exploration and growth, and each a special element in some of the most joyous moments of my life. Drawing from my professional and personal experience, I am excited to help individuals and intimate partners connect with and live out their full unapologetic sexual and relational selves.


In short- my strength is in emotions. I help individuals and intimate partners feel their feelings (especially vulnerable ones) and help them create an intentional and personal practice for emotional wellness; a foundation for emotional grounding and sexual and relational freedom. It's something to feel better, but getting better at feeling is where it's at! What does that look like, more specifically?



$225 per hour

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Kane Slosburg, APCC


Sex & Relationship Therapist

Kane is a queer Jewish clinican trained in both Psychodynamic and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).


They received their Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Family Institute at Northwestern and continued there for a fellowship in Mindfulness and Behavior Therapies. Theiir approach to therapy is informed by combining the philosophy and practice of these two modalities. Clients can expect Kane to be non-judgmental, validating, and curious about their story, balanced by skill-based support for positive change.


As such, Kane enjoys working with range of clients; those at the beginning of the path of uncovering the big questions to folks looking for skill tune ups in their day-to day lives. As part of supporting clients working towards understanding the self, Kane also holds space to explore systems that impact the self and welcomes discussion and exploration on how social identities play a roll both inside and outside the therapeutic room.

Rate $175 per hour

Supervised by Moushumi Ghose,  LMFT

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Victoria Gerdts, ACSW, MPA she/her/ella

Sex & Relationship Therapist

(Spanish speaking)

Victoria is a spanish-speaking sex therapist bilingual Latine sex therapist, clinical social worker and death doula experienced in working with people living with disability and chronic illness, sex workers, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault, reproductive issues, end of life, and those struggling with cultural identity and trauma due to religion, immigration, race/ethnicity, multigenerational trauma, and attachment issues. She provides support to individuals, couples, kink, and various polyamorous/ethically non-monogamous relational structures to guide them towards sexual wellness and health with an emphasis on communication, pleasure, and intimacy.

She is also an advocate in combatting stigma in regards to STI/STDs and providing education on safe disclosures. She has presented at sexual health conferences and centers on a radical justice, anti-colonial, feminist, and multicultural framework.

Rate $100 - $150 per hour

Supervised by Moushumi Ghose, LMFT

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Bobbie Headshot LAST.png

Bobbie Emetu, AMFT, APCC

Sex & Relationship Therapist

Bobbie’s multicultural background necessitates that diversity is important to her. Thus, it is imperative for Bobbie to create a therapeutic environment where clients can show up authentically and unapologetically. Due to the unique challenges that LGBTQ+ individuals face, Bobbie is an affirming therapist that aims to create a safe and supportive space for clients to explore their concerns and work towards their goals. She values and respects the diversity of sexual and gender identities and the inclusivity of all individuals. Bobbie’s orientation is psychodynamic and solution-focused, and she integrates both in attachment-based psychotherapy. 

Bobbie has experience in LGBTQIA+ therapy; gender affirming therapy; sex therapy; couples therapy; emotionally focused therapy; sexual health and functioning; sexual abuse and sexual trauma; polyamory, non-monogamy, and non-traditional relationship configurations; as well as kink and BDSM. 

Rate $100 - $150 per hour


Supervised by Kelly Jones, LMFT

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Reisbaum Headshot .png

Dani Reisbaum, ASW

Sex & Relationship Therapist

Dani offers an open, non-judgemental space where you can speak honestly about your thoughts and experiences while working towards your personal goals. She often incorporates mindfulness and somatic (body-focused) exercises in therapy, as she has seen the way those practices aid in regulating emotions, fostering a sense of safety in the nervous system, and releasing the stress (and trauma) held in the body. 


As a queer, trauma-informed, sex-positive and LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist, Dani enjoys working together to deconstruct the social scripts, pressures and ‘shoulds’ that often get in the way of our growth, healing and liberation. With that breaking down comes the fun and challenging part of self-discovery, curiosity and imagination - to explore your underlying needs, your values and what excites you. 


Some areas that Dani is especially passionate about working with are anxiety, life-transitions, self-esteem, gender identity, sexuality, relationship dynamics, ENM/CNM, existential questioning, sexual trauma and chronic pain. 

Fee $100 - $150 per hour

Supervised by Elle Hawkins, LCSW

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Untitled design (1).png

Jessica Hyatt, AMFT

 Sex & Relationship Therapist

Jessica takes a collaborative approach to therapy in order to foster your unique healing journey. You will bring your own lived self-knowledge and she will bring her perspective as a queer trauma-informed sex-positive professional. They prioritize serving marginalized sexual identities and relationship styles, guided by a belief in therapy that is not just inclusive, but is LGBTQ+, polyamory, and kink affirming. She also offers non-stigmatizing care to sex workers of all kinds.

Jessica trained in relational Gestalt at The Relational Center and Jungian therapy at Pacifica Graduate Institute. This means that her style of therapy examines all of your relationships, including your relationship with your loved ones, society at large, and yourself. Her Jungian background invites imagination and archetypal imagery into the process, in order to more deeply explore your inner landscape. They also offer a somatic approach to trauma healing that honors the connection between mind and body.

Their areas of interest or specialty include: non-monogamy, LGBTQ issues, gender transition, trauma including CPTSD, sex work, embodiment, neurodivergence, self-esteem, inner child work, and boundaries.

Supervised by Moushumi Ghose, LMFT


Rate $150

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Vanessa headshot_edited.jpg

Vanessa Icazbalceta-Soto, LPCC

Sex & Relationship Therapist

(Spanish speaking)

Welcome! Do you struggle to live your true and authentic life? Do you need space to

explore your potential, eradicate long-standing patterns of negative experiences and live a

more fulfilling and meaningful life? Let’s make a connection. Let's explore your needs,

desires, and dreams. Let;s collaborate and develop a plan and action to provide you with an

ideal life. Let's work together to elevate your strengths and develop the coping skills to

battle the issues that make your life difficult. I aim to provide a space for you to feel

authentic, safe, and empowered.

I specialize in working in cognitive behavior, dialectical behavior, relational concerns,

personal sexual growth, intimacy, sexual expression, and work intimately within the kink

community. The clients that would benefit most from my expertise are those who struggle

with expression, acceptance of oneself, and/or struggle to voice their concerns.

Here you will challenge your personal concerns, learn mental health skills, increase your

insight and perspective, and better understand yourself and your place in the world. You will

find compassion, empathy, and a non-judgmental approach.

Tambien hablo español y con gusto estoy para servir en el idioma que le haga sentir mas


Accepts most insurance plans

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Sterling D. Walker, AMFT


Sex and Relationship Therapist

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist with unique experience working with and motivating others to achieve their goals and reach their full potential. I graduated with a Master’s degree from Antioch University in Los Angeles and have a lifelong interest in health and wellness. I’m passionate about exploring issues around human connection, sex, and sexuality–areas that have been fundamental to my own growth and relationships. My experiences as a Black man have been assets in my professional work, allowing me to understand and connect with diverse populations. I strive to create a safe and supportive space that acknowledges my clients’ unique backgrounds, where we can explore their concerns and work together on their goals and dreams. My areas of interest include couples, non-monogamy, polyamory, LGBTQ issues, trauma, and sex work. I specialize in working with clients presenting with anxiety, depression, and LGBT-related issues. I use several theoretical approaches in my work, including CBT, narrative, psychodynamic practices, spiritual depth psychology, and mindfulness.  


Please schedule your visit soon. I look forward to getting to know you to better guide you to improved health and a rewarding, authentic connection with yourself and others.


Fee per hour $150- $200

Supervised by Moushumi Ghose, MFT


Rebecca "Renee" Faust, AMFT

Sex and Relationship Therapist

Kink, SW, & LGBTQIA+ Friendly.


Therapy as an institution doesn’t always handle sex and sex workers very well—too often it stigmatizes clients or unnecessarily focuses on their work. That’s why I specialize in working with members of the adult industry: to provide informed, affirmative support to people who might not have found it in previous clinical experiences.

I am an Associate Marriage and Family Therapist (AMF139104) at Los Angeles Sex Therapy,

Under the supervision of

Moushumi Ghose, MFT


Rate $100 - $150


Triva Ponder, LMFT


Triva enjoys her second career as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and is grateful to have found her true calling. 

Triva earned her Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology, with an emphasis in Consciousness Health And Healing from the University of Santa Monica.

As an undergraduate, Triva earned her degree in Economics from Pepperdine University. 


Triva works with couples using a Gottman Informed Approach. She is a trained leader for a Gottman course. 

Triva likes working in session practicing communication skills to help couples learn how to take the pain out of communicating. 

Triva incorporates a Psychodynamic approach and is a TEAM CBT practitioner.

Whether alone, at work, with family, or with friends, if an individual habitually finds their feelings and needs being suppressed (by self or others), 

feelings of anger, fear, sadness, guilt and shame can build, influencing one’s thoughts and behaviors, often in regrettable ways, 

laying the foundation for ongoing, behavioral and interpersonal challenges. 


Mindfully exploring, identifying and successfully working with these powerful energies in ways that increase self esteem is a major key.

Few of us grow up being taught how to effectively listen to, manage, and communicate with ourselves and with others.

Triva works in-network with Aetna.

image (1).png

Devin Green, LPCC

Sex & Psychedelics

Therapist & Coach

Devin believes in cultivating a transpersonal approach to coaching, which promotes every human's potential to accessible wellbeing.With both personal and professional experience in non ordinary states of consciousness, her passion lies in exploring all the alternative ways that one can show up in the world.


Depending on your specific needs, she offers DBT techniques such as mindfulness, as well as CBT and trauma focused approaches such as challenging negative beliefs, shadow work, psychedelic assisted and exposure work. She takes a collaborative and playful approach to treatment and is excited to guide you through the many discoveries of self.

Devin is licensed in CA and FL.

Fee $275 per hour

549A3226-2 small[2391].png

Wayne LeSane

Sex & Relationship Coach

Hi, I'm Wayne!

In 1971 Washington D.C, I was born and raised in a culture of hidden and repressed emotions. Through life’s journeys, travel, and gained experiences, I was able to unlearn and let go of a lot of conditioning from childhood around intimacy, sex and relationships. 

I have been consciously non-monogamous for about 25 years, including my current relationship and marriage of 19 years. 

I absolutely love talking about sex and relationships, especially dating culture and non-monogamy with anyone who is open to engage and explore.


My strength lies in my ability to help folks see all the options that are truly in front of them and to help make their desires reality by getting as creative as they want to be.

I do virtual and in-person hands-on sex coaching. I am based in Los Angeles.

 Fee $100 - $150 per hour

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Mou Website 2_edited.jpg

Jamie Azar

Sex & Relationship Coach

Jamie Azar is a sex, relationship, and intimacy coach, educator, writer, and mindfulness practitioner based in South Carolina. She offers 1-1 coaching with singles, couples, throuples + to co-create a safe, sex-positive, transformative, liberating, and empowering space that fosters personal and relational growth. She specializes in dismantling limiting beliefs, deconstructing, and destigmatizing harmful narrative constructs, to help clients reframe and redefine their understandings of selfhood, sex, sexuality, and relationships. 

 Fee $100 per hour

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Jennah Headshot.JPG

Jennah DuBois

Sex & Relationship Coach

Hi! I’m Jennah—a Sex Educator and Sex & Relationship Coach. After leaving the conservative Christian communities I grew up in, I realized I had a lot of unraveling to do around understanding my sexuality and myself. I realized that there so are many people in the same boat who are walking away from fundamentalist upbringings and not knowing where to turn for tools to grow and move forward. It’s so special getting to help guide people on the journey of learning more about themselves! I also love working with folks who are exploring their sexualities as adults, working towards body neutrality, and overall self-love.  

I’m excited about getting to help give individuals a safe corner of the world to question, grow, learn, and discover even more about themselves. On the side, I run a sex positivity account on Instagram called Honest Sexuality where I provide comprehensive, accessible sex education in a fun and approachable way.

Based in Brooklyn, NYC but I work with clients virtually & everywhere.

Fee $100 - $125 per hour

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Charlene Senatin

Sexological Bodyworker and Intimacy Partner 

As a graduate student in Marriage and Family Therapy with a specialization on Trauma, creating a safe space for exploration of untamed desires and empowering my clients to be their authentic selves are my core goals. You are the expert of your story.  You have lots of strengths that will assist you in overcoming challenges. I believe that fostering self-awareness and effective self-communication are foundational to healing and building fulfilling relationships. My approach combines this belief with practical hands-on techniques, aiming to empower individuals and couples to navigate intimacy. With compassion through a trauma informed lens, I guide clients toward embracing fulfilling and healing experiences in their intimate lives. It's a courageous step to seek a more fulfilling life and embrace change. I am here to support and empower you in that journey. 

Fee $100 - $150 per hour

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LAST Pic_edited.jpg

Caitlin Oates

Practice Manager

Caitlin is a writer, and creative, with a passion for sex-positivity, LGBTQIA advocacy, and mental health care.

Caitlin earned her bachelor’s degree in communications from Northwestern University, and now flexes those communication muscles by teaching medical students humanism skills, coaching athletes in functional fitness, and learning from and working with LAST to promote, amplify, and normalize the importance of sexual and mental health.

When you reach out to us Caitlin will make sure you are taken care of throughout your time at LAST.

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