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We provide online sex therapy, psychotherapy, counseling and coaching for relationships, gender, mental health concerns, life transitions, career, spirituality,  sex therapy and education.

We are sex-positive, kink, poly, LGBTQIA, BIPOC, sex worker communities, and intersectionality affirming.

Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching is available to folx EVERYWHERE, regardless of location!

All you need is a Wifi connection. 


All Sessions are done via Video or Phone

Los Angeles Sex Therapy psychpotherapists are licensed to provide psychotherapy, sex therapy, couples therapy throughout California, some therapists have other licenses which are also noted. 


Read through our site to learn more, or simply get in touch.

Learn more about our services including the difference between coaching and therapy here.

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Staff Psychotherapist

Melissa is passionate about relationships and sexuality specifically working with and around consensual non-monogamy. She is especially excited in supporting people of color in their personal, spiritual, political and relational exploration.


Melissa believes that which is expressive, creative, and playful are the vehicles to our deeper selves.

Melissa Le Sane has a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy from Pacific Oaks College in Pasadena, California

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Clinical Supervisor

Dr. P. McCall-Robinson, Psy.D  

Dr. Robinson is currently the founder and CEO of Nsight.Me LLC and United States Patent owner of the sex toy Sugah Lipz. 


Dr. Robinson is a licensed psychologist and has over 18 years of experience in the social service sector. She has practiced in private settings, psychiatric hospitals, outpatient, geriatric settings, prisons, in home-care, as well as group homes.


Dr. Robinson became interested in caring for individuals with mental illnesses, especially in underserved populations and minority groups during her early work history in helping people with various mental health issues which motivated her to further her knowledge in psychology. 


Elle Hawkins, LCSW they/them/theirs

Clinical Supervisor

Staff Psychotherapist

Elizabeth "Elle" Hawkins is a licensed clinical social worker experienced in working with people across the gender spectrum, adults living with disability and chronic illness, survivors of domestic violence, people managing substance use, and those navigating grief and loss.


Elle completed their Master of Science in Social Work degree at the University of Texas at Austin, and is trained in EMDR, Somatica Attachment Therapy, and the developmental model of couples counseling. With a focus on empowering people to slow down, find their authentic voice, and consciously craft their path, Elle looks forward to working with you toward more authentic, connected, and FUN expressions of self.


Check out their website for more information: ellecsw.com

Elle is licensed in California and Texas

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Kelly Jones, LMFT she/her/hers

Staff Psychotherapist

Kelly graduated with her Masters degree from Phillips Graduate Institute in Los Angeles, and prior worked as an associate at The Relational Center. 


Kelly's work advocates personal, interpersonal, and social practices that inspire stronger, more resilient relationships. Her passion is working with clients around dismantling harmful tropes and navigating the waters in-between.

Kelly's work is social justice & trauma informed.

 Something that she sees on a regular basis is religious trauma around sexual orientation, practices and gender identity. 

Kelly is looking forward to holding space for these explorations while providing a healing and safe space for you to nourish yourself, your surroundings and your connections.

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Abby Durgan, ASWthey/them/theirs

Staff Psychotherapist

Abby is passionate about sex positivity, and healing the connection between how we feel in our bodies and how we show up in our relationships. Her previous work explored different facets of this healing, from working with people with eating disorders, to people experiencing gender dysphoria and seeking gender-affirming surgery, to people charged with sex offenses and people who experienced sexual trauma.  


Abby uses a trauma-informed lens with each client, and the modalities they use include: motivational interviewing, mindfulness, meditation, somatic experiencing, family systems and dialectical behavioral therapy. That being said, the key to effective therapy is a nonjudgemental, secure relationship between the client and clinician, so that is their primary tool.


Abby uses an abolitionist approach to therapy, which means she views individuals as shaped by the overlapping, violent “isms” of our society: White supremacy, anti-Blackness, capitalism, fatphobia, homophobia, transphobia, and others. They believe that understanding systemic oppression emboldens us to build healing practices on a smaller scale: in our personal lives and communities. 


Abby earned their Masters of Social Work at Columbia School of Social Work and her BSEd in Human Development and Psychological Services at Northwestern University.

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Kane Slosburg, APCC she/her/hers

Staff Psychotherapist

Kate who also goes by Kane, is a queer Jewish clinican trained in both Psychodynamic and Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).


She received her Masters degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from The Family Institute at Northwestern and continued there for a fellowship in Mindfulness and Behavior Therapies. Her approach to therapy is informed by combining the philosophy and practice of these two modalities. Clients can expect Kate to be non-judgmental, validating, and curious about their story, balanced by skill-based support for positive change.


As such, Kate enjoys working with range of clients; those at the beginning of the path of uncovering the big questions to folks looking for skill tune ups in their day-to day lives. As part of supporting clients working towards understanding the self, Kate also holds space to explore systems that impact the self and welcomes discussion and exploration on how social identities play a roll both inside and outside the therapeutic room.


Prior to counseling, Kate was a research assistant studying consciousness, mindfulness, romantic relationships, passion, and creativity. She believes there is always more learn and further to grow. 

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Screen Shot 2021-11-29 at 8.11.42 AM.png

Janet Bayramyan Generales, LCSWshe/her/hers

Clinical Supervisor

Janet is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker licensed in the states of California  and Florida. Her belief is that therapy should be supportive and trauma-informed. Additionally, it should be culturally sensitive and consider all the layers of one’s identity, including gender, race, and sexuality.

Janet is aware of the complex impact of trauma, no matter how big or small, on an individual and a relationship. Her approach integrates this knowledge into every aspect of your treatment. 

As an EMDR certified psychotherapist and supervisor who is also trained in Attachment Focused EMDR, the Havening Techniques, and other trauma modalities, Janet help's clients and therapists understand and process the impact of trauma towards moving through states of protection and connection in their nervous system to establish an embodied sense of safety.

Meet The LAST Coaches

LAST Sex, Relationship and Intimacy Coaches target problem areas and work with you towards your specific goals. While sex coaches do not provide psychotherapy and do not work with severe mental health issues, we find that working with a coach can signifcantly reduce distress and can help towards undoing longer-standing issues and concerns. Please click on the button below the profile of the coach you wish to work with.   

Learn more about the difference between coaching and therapy here. 

Learn more about how LAST Coaches are trained here.

Felicia Hunt, AMFT

Meet The Founder and The Executive Team 
Jennah Headshot.JPG

Jennah Dubois

 Sex & Relationship Coach

Jennah is a sex and relationship coach specializing in working with people deconstructing religious trauma around their sexuality and relationships. Jennah grew up in conservative Christian communities and once leaving that lifestyle, realized how important and scarce help in this area there is. While getting certified, Jennah realized that this niche of working with religious deconstruction and helping people find freedom in their sex lives and relationships is where her passion to help people truly lies (and just how necessary it is!). Jennah is excited about getting to help give individuals a safe corner of the world to question, grow, learn, and discover even more about themselves. On the side, Jennah runs a sex positivity account on Instagram called Honest Sexuality where she provides comprehensive, accessible sex education in a fun and approachable way. 


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Wayne LeSane, CSRC

Sex & Relationship Coach

In 1971 Washington D.C, I was born and raised in a culture of hidden and repressed emotions. Through life’s journeys, travel, and gained experiences, I was able to unlearn and let go of a lot of conditioning from childhood around intimacy, sex and relationships. 

I have been consciously non-monogamous for about 25 years, including my current relationship and marriage of 19 years. 

I absolutely love talking about sex and relationships, especially dating culture and non-monogamy with anyone who is open to engage and explore.


My strength lies in my ability to help folks see all the options that are truly in front of them and to help make their desires reality by getting as creative as they want to be.

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Felicia Hunt, AMFT

Sex & Relationship Coach

In 2006, while watching a Tyra Banks show, Felicia was intrigued by one of the guest who was a professional sex coach. Upon further research, she discovered that “sex coach” was a real thing, this was inspiring because she had a genuine desire to understand relationships. Ms. Hunt enrolled into school earning her BA in psychology and Africana studies, and a MA in Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) and became a certified sex coach along the way. She is currently completing her dissertation for her PsyD. Degree in (MFT).


Felicia specializes in African American Families Service, Trauma, Sexual assault, Generational cycles, Breaking Barriers from a Cultural Perspective and tearing down social Constructs that oppress and marginalize people of color, especially Black people. 

Ask Felicia a question: https://kossie.co.uk/link/6exCoach


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Jamie Azar, CSRC

Sex & Relationship Coach

Jamie Azar is a sex, relationship, and intimacy coach, educator, writer, and mindfulness practitioner. She offers 1-1 coaching with singles, couples, throuples + to co-create a safe, sex-positive, transformative, liberating, and empowering space that fosters personal and relational growth. She specializes in dismantling limiting beliefs, deconstructing, and destigmatizing harmful narrative constructs, to help clients reframe and redefine their understandings of selfhood, sex, sexuality, and relationships. 

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Meet The Executive Team


Moushumi Ghose, MFT


Founder and Director

Moushumi Ghose is licensed therapist, a sex-positive advocate and the founder of Los Angeles Sex Therapy (L.A.S.T.) and Pleasure PsychTM Sex Coaching Certification Program.


Her passion is around advocacy and change by breaking down barriers for better relationships and sex.


She has appeared in the media and her writing has appeared in numerous publications. She is the creator of a documentary film series and videos in hopes of undoing harmful messages around sex, and sexuality.


Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 7.24.29 AM.png

Abigail Greydanus

Intake Coordinator/Operations Manager


Abigail oversees much of the day-to-day administrative and operational functions  including intakes.

Abigail's passions are helping people and creating and desigining sustainable systems. 

Marnie headshot.jpg

Marnie Olson


Payroll Manager

When not managing the financials/payroll of L.A.S.T. & her other clients, Marnie is a published writer, actor and burlesque performer. Working as a full-charge bookkeeper enables her to pay the bills.


You can read more about Marnie on her website 



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