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Our Services: 

The Best Care for YOU!!

We are a team of pleasure-positive sex-positive, kink aware, psychotherapists and associates who are ready to work with you.

Anti-Racism Commitment 

At LAST - Los Angeles Sex Therapy we prioritize sexuality and pleasure, while centering the experiences and voices of BIPOC, LGBTQIA, gender variant, kink, non-monogamous, polyamorous, BDSM, sex workers and and the intersectionality of all or any. Racism and Systemic Oppression are forms of structural violence that denies these communities fundamental human rights. The work we do understands that pleasure is integral to our healing. 


Los Angeles Sex Therapy is LGBTQIA Queer Centered. We work with Partners, Couples, Families, and Individuals  at Los Angeles Sex Therapy. We welcome diversity of all kinds. All of our therapists are trained and sensitive to the unique issues related to LGBTQIA, KINK, Queer relationships. We are sex-positive and kink friendly. Our  Sex Therapists are skilled in working with the unique needs of poly, kink, trans, and Queer/ LGBTQIA, sex-worker and erotic laborer communities.


Our Doctoral and Masters level sex therapists are trained in treating an array of sexual issues, including disparities in libido, erectile dysfunction, sexual trauma, vaginismus and other intimacy issues.


Our Sex Therapists work with individuals and partners to overcome sexual trauma, body image issues and erotic shame.


Our Sex Therapists help you to expand your natural capacity for pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and sexual embodiment.


Our Services

  • Sex Therapy for Partners

  • Sex Therapy for Individuals

  • Sex, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching for Partners

  • Sex, Relationship and Intimacy Coaching for Individuals

  • LGBTQ+/ Queer/ Polyamorous/ Consensual and Ethical Non Monogamy

  • Kink / BDSM

  • Sex Workers

  • Couples Therapy 

  • Premarital Counseling

  • Psychdelic Integration 





  • Have Better Sex

  • As extensively trained Sex Therapists, Sexologists, Couples Therapists, and Coaches we work with couples, throuples, alternative family structures & individuals in expanding their capacities for pleasure, joy, intimacy, connection, passion and sexual fulfillment. We invite exploration towards gratifying sexual relationship with yourself and your significant other/s.

  • A healthy and empowered sex life is created from the intersection of safety, intimacy, trust, openness, communication, pleasure, joy, humor and playfulness. We encourage you to find what you enjoy and support your ability to communicate your needs and wants. We understand that the topic of sex can be uncomfortable or downright scary for many folx. Understanding our relationship with intimacy and sex isvital to our health and wellness, as well as the health of our relationships.

  • Life is busy, we know, but the cost is significant. Hectic lives are robbing us of our connection to body, and our relationship to pleasure. A constant drive for perfection and acheivement for bigger and better things is causing us to disconnect with our bodies and our sexual selves,  leading to to depression, anxiety, loneliness.

  • Whether alone or with another, sex boosts energy, relieves tension, releases endorphins and elevates mood.

​Counseling, Psychotherapy, Sex Therapy

  • A large part of sex-positive sex therapy is challenging unhealthy and unhelpful social constructs that impair our ability to connect and relate. At Los Angeles Sex Therapy we are committed to helping you address underlying principles of shame and judgement related to sex-negativity, white supremacy, ableism, body-shaming, and more. We understand that everyone is impacted by these themes in various cultures, and strive to support you in working toward deeper acceptance of yourself and others to better access your own ability to experience peace, acceptance, and joy. 


  • We prefer goal oriented counseling, for more action-oriented results! While we may have an ongoing long-term relationship, our belief is that the best therapy focuses on goals. Therefore, we will revisit your goals every 3-6 months. ​

  • Our psychotherapy services are meant to support you in your personal, relational, sexual and/or professional growth and development.  While ongoing attendance in these can lead to substantial improvement,  the process itself may not always be comfortable.  You may gain awareness in your experience in psychotherapy, coaching or consulting which may help you decide to make changes in your life as a result.  Changes which could in turn affect your relationships, your work, etc.  When you consent to participate in our sessions you should take into consideration its potential benefits, risks and nature of the services.  It is also important to recognize that while there are no guarantees, commitment and effort both during and in-between sessions will increase your chances for the most beneficial of outcomes.​​

Sex, Relationship, and Intimacy Coaching

  • We offer coaching and consulting also at lower fees.

  • Our coaches can work with you regardless of location.

  • Coaching and consulting may differ from psychotherapy in that these may not directly address serious mental health issues. However, working with a coach can signifcantly reduce distress and can help towards undoing longer-standing issues and concerns. Coaching encourages forward movement through education, practice, discussion and discipline. At LAST we think of coaches as your cheerleader to help you achieve a certain goal or outcome, peeking into your history, past trauma or mental state and focusing on your current situation. All of our coaches are trauma-informed and some of our therapists also offer coaching. Our coaches are not licensed therapists but are knowelgable about appropriate resources.

  • Coaches work outside of the medical complex and therefore will not give you a diagnosis. 

  • Coaching is not billable via insurance (but our coaches will work with you at lower fees.)

  • Consulting and coaching do not replace psychotherapy or other medical interventions. Our coaches do not work within the medical and insurance systems. 

  • We believe that coaching is more confidential. Paying out of pocket insures the highest level of confidentiality, and does not require medical diagnosis. 

  • We will provide referrals if we feel our services are not a good fit for you.

Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy & Psychedelic Integration 

Combine this with your relationship coaching or sex therapy. With psychdelic integeration your therapist will help you to integrate emotional states, process a wide range of transpersonal experiences, understand your experience, implement any insights into concrete reality, take steps to transform your day to day, access memories of previous abuse and/or trauma, move through and process towards grounding, understanding, physical and emotional pain relief. 

* LAST will provide you with the medical resources to for evaluation, access and adminstration of psychedelics. This will be done with a medical professional.  Your therapist will work with you around preparation and integration.


  1. Devin Green LPCC currently offers low-fee Psychedelic Integration Psychotherapy. The total cost for this is $700 - $1000 for one month with Devin Green, LPCC (this is integration only) please inquire
  2. Moushumi Ghose, LMFT currently offers Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy including the referral for Medical Evaluation/Prescribing MD, Dosing Sessions and Integration  Click here to learn more about Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy with Moushumi Ghose, LMFT  
  3. "Ka" Erika Cole, LMFT currently offers Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy including the referral for Medical Evaluation/Prescribing MD, Dosing Sessions, and Integration please inquire




Intimacy Partner Therapy (Hands-On Sex Coaching) In-person


Approximate cost $150 - $300 per hour (please discuss this with your Intimacy Partner) 

 Program about 20 Hands-On Sessions, based on your needs (cost does not include cost of therapy nor cost of office location) 

(Packages are also available, please inquire)

Sessions must take place in California, only. 


First session is a 15-minute consultation with Intimacy Partner, second 15-minute consultation with our therapist, plus a 3rd initial triadic session with coach + licensed therapist * **

*Please note: You must sign a contract with a licensed therapist to participate in our Intimacy Partner program. You will be required to give releases to both therapist and coach to communicate on your behalf throughout the program as needed. Your therapist will have their own fees for all sessions. Please discuss rates with your therapist.

**It is strongly recommended that this program be done in-tandem with a psychotherapist, who would be seen after each Intimacy Partner session. You will be asked to determine who your therapist is at the onset. Our staff theerappipsts are well versed and happy to consult with you.

Learn more here

Phone or Online Sessions

 We are 100% virtual and offer phone and online sessions only. 

Contacting Us

  • You are free to contact us between sessions. There is a fee based on the session fee for all calls lasting longer than 5 minutes. If your therapist/coach is not available to take your call, you can leave a message and your therapist will return your call as soon as possible.  If you need to speak with your therapist immediately, please leave a message indicating that your call is urgent and we will make every effort to return the call within 24 hours. PLEASE do not text regarding personal matters. Texting is reserved for scheduling and rescheduling appointments only. If you need to discuss personal matters please try to reach your therapist via voice. If you are experiencing an emergency call 9-1-1.​

Session Framework and Payment

  • Sessions are 55 minutes in length depending on the focus of the work, while the frequency varies depending upon your needs.  75 minute or bi-weekly sessions are common for people working through acute issues.  Generally, services will continue until we decide together that the work is complete.  Payment is due at the time of service.  If you have not taken care of your financial obligation within ninety days, we reserve the right to proceed with formal collection activity. 

Appointments/Missed Appointments/Rescheduling/Booking Online

  • When you reserve a spot for online consultation, you will be asked for your credit card information.

  • In order to make our business sustainable we need all our time slots filled.  48 hours for cancel or reschedule is REQUIRED. There are no exceptions to this policy. All first sessions shall be reserved with a credit card. The credit card will be charged only if the first session is missed. Should you cancel or reschedule the session within 48 hours your credit card will not be charged. Also, your card will not be charged until your first session, after you and your therapist have discussed the fee. Appointment times are reserved for you in advance. Once you book a day and time we can no longer give that time to someone else. Before making an appointment please consider how serious you are about showing up. You may call and leave a message, e-mail or text to cancel or reschedule any day of the week or weekend. 


  • Our fees range depending on your practioner's level of experience, and clients who choose to engage in longer term therapy, that is consistent and on-going can qualify for lower rates. Typical rates for trauma informed sex therapy and couples therapy with a seasoned practitioner is between $200 - $350. 

  • Our sexology staff who are in training offer these services between $100 - $175

  • Please discuss this with our intake coordinator before your consultation has been scheduled your price range and desired course of action. You may also discuss this in the consultation and should also discuss this at the intake session as well. Your financial circumstances dictate life issues, therefor this topic can and will be discussed ongoing with your therapist.


Low Fee Spots

At Los Angeles Sex Therapy we care about making psychotherapy and healthcare accessible. All therapists, regardless of experience offer designated low-fee spots based on financial need. These low-fee spots are reviewed every 4 -6 months.

Please contact us to be considered for one of our low-fee spots. Our spots are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. We can put you have a short waiting list, and do provide referrals if we cannot accommodate you immediately. 


We offer a free 15 minute consultation to make sure our services are the right fit for you. 

Balance Accumulation

  • We are under legal and ethical obligation not to let a balance accumulate substantially. This is one of the reasons we require all sessions to be paid for at the time of service. If the balance rises substantially this can create a debtor-creditor relationship, which, together with the therapist-patient relationship, can constitute a dual relationship.


  • Refunds are not provided for services rendered.


  • We take confidentiality very seriously. Everything you disclose in our sessions is confidential with the exception of what is required by law to disclose it (e.g., where there is reasonable suspicion of child, dependent adult or elder abuse, when you pose a danger to others or when you pose a danger to yourself unless protective measures are taken).  Should the necessity of releasing confidential information arise, every reasonable effort will be made to discuss this matter with you first; it is my preference to make any such disclosures together with you in person.  If you have any questions about the exceptions mentioned above, or if you need any further clarification, please discuss them with your therapist directly.

Insurance - PLEASE READ 

  • We work out-of-network with most other insurance companies. Which means we require payment by credit card at the time of your visit. You may then submit our invoice to your insurance company so that they can reimburse you. The amount you will be reimbursed depends on your insurance policy and your out-of-network mental health benefits. ​

  • A growing number of insurance companies reimburse clients for psychotherapy. To confirm that your insurance company will reimburse you for our services, we recommend calling them by phone and asking: "Does my policy cover mental health visits with out-of-network providers?" and “What is my deductible for these visits and how much will I be reimbursed?”​

  • To simplify the reimbursement process, we will email you an invoice every month  with insurance billing codes, which is a receipt for your visit. You can submit this invoice directly to your insurance company. If the process is unclear, we will be happy to guide you through it.​

  • Please note: Coaches are not medical providers and therefor you must work with a therapist if you wish to seek reimbursment.

  • We encourage self-pay, or paying out of pocket, as is it the safest, most confidential form of treatment as well as working outside of insurance. We cannot assure your confidentiality once you enter the medical system. Insurance companies require a medical diagnosis which stays in the medical system for a long time. Insurance companies can ask for our records at any given time, and this also stays in their system. Paying out of pocket insures the highest level of confidentiality, and does not require medical diagnosis.

  • Payment for services is payable directly to Los Angeles Sex Therapy or Moushumi Ghose, MFT  as outlined above. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company.  You are responsible for the payment for your sessions at time of service.  A separate contract exists between you and LAST regarding services.  We do not place calls to insurance companies. The client must handle all communications related to insurance companies. ​ Please note that insurance companies vary widely in their policies regarding reimbursement for psychological treatment and therapy.

  • If you cancel or reschedule a session less than 48 hours in advance or miss an appointment you will be billed for this session. Insurance CANNOT be billed for the cancelled/missed session.

  • The client is responsible for verifying and understanding the limits of his/her coverage, as well as his/her co-payments and deductibles. 

  • Some of our therapists work in-network with insurance. This will be listed next to their profile. To make the insurance process easier, we work with a third party insurance verification and billing system, Headway. We encourage you to start your insurance verifcation process with Headway now. 


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